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Gems and Astrology

Do these gemstones have any astrological significance, and if so, how does one work out which stones to use for best effect?

As a general rule, the best benefits can be obtained by wearing or using the stones represented by the strongest or most favourably aspected planets in your natal chart. It is, after all, those planets which tend to indicate the characteristics that we are most 'at home with' within ourselves. A common mistake is for someone to wear or to use a stone associated with a quality they wish to possess or enhance, but which is not naturally assimilated by them. Rather than the gemstone being able to endow us with some mystical quality which we lack, it is far better to view them as tools to enhance the abilities we already possess - and thereby making us in a stronger position to seek within ourselves for the qualities we wish to develop.

The following list will be of use in selecting which stones may work well for you as an individual.

*When the term well-aspected is used, I mean a planet which is strong by exaltation, rulership, house position and/or in favourable aspect to the 'benefics' i.e. Venus or Jupiter. If you do not know which are the strongest planets in your chart, any astrologer should be able to tell you quickly and simply.

When the SUN is well aspected:

Amber, fluorite and chrysolite are recommended. Amber (actually a fossilised resin, rather than a 'gem') certainly conveys a sunny colour, but is also helpful in creating balance in life and in making space for spiritual aims as well as materialistic ones. It absorbs negativity, and has a general harmonising influence. Physically, it is said to benefit the conditions of stress, asthma and urinary problems.

Fluorite is another powerful healer, which has specific applications in the well-being of teeth, gums and bones. Chrysolite is reputed to be powerful in healing viral illness, toxaemia and appendix problems.

When the MOON is well aspected:

Moonstone, quartz (especially milky quartz), emerald and carnelian are recommended. The Moonstone is well known as a soothing influence on troubled emotions, as well as an aid to intuition and the understanding of dreams. Milky quartz absorbs excess mental and emotional energy and has a general calming influence.

Emerald was used in ancient times to cure eye disorders, but is also said to enhance one's courage and self-esteem. Carnelian is perhaps best known for increasing fluency both of speech and of ideas - this stone is of especial benefit to anyone in the public eye.

When MERCURY is well aspected:

Moss agate and banded agate are recommended. Both of these stones are said to attract loyalty and to cushion the user from harmful vibrations. The agate stones have a very earthy, grounding influence, which can be invaluable to the Mercurial personality. They also promote both truth and strength.

When VENUS is well aspected:

Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Coral and Green Jasper are recommended. Physically, the Opal is said to increase the assimilation of protein into the body and to be helpful to the lungs. The Opal is an important stone and also represents unconditional love such as that of a parent to a child. It is important that this stone is not worn by anyone with an afflicted (difficultly aspected) Venus.

Lapis Lazuli is often known as the third eye stone, reputed to help inner vision and enhance psychic abilities. This stone is also found to be helpful in decision making. Coral (not technically a gemstone) is primarily known for strengthening the spleen, whilst it's other main physical attribute is to aid the treatment of the voice and throat. Green Jasper is a stabilising stone which calms ad steadies the emotions. It is also said to be a remedy for ulcers.

When MARS is well aspected:

Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz and Diamond are recommended. The diamond is a stone of Mars-like strength and courage, said to give clarity of ambition and the determination to resist setbacks. Diamond also, however, has the capacity to magnify negative thoughts and vibrations, and should be used with care. The Bloodstone is said to purify the blood, and is a useful stone to wear next to the body if the wearer is suffering physical trauma.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful healing crystal and a grounder of excess energy. It is also traditionally said to increase fertility in both sexes. In days gone by it was given to soldiers as a good luck token, as it is also believed to protect the wearer or carrier from danger.

When JUPITER is well aspected:

Topaz is recommended. This stone is said to calm the mind and to bring refreshing sleep. Kidney and bladder complaints and the treatment of varicose veins are also associated with this stone.

When SATURN is well aspected:

Onyx and Malachite are recommended. Onyx, especially black onyx is said to help overcome hearing problems and to promote concentration and self-control. Malachite, with its high copper content, is said to be beneficial against menstrual cramps and rheumatism.

When URANUS is well aspected:

Zircon and Garnet are recommended. Tourmaline is also sometimes associated with Uranus due to its highly electrical properties.

Zircon has physical applications in the aiding of childbirth and the treatment of insomnia. It is also said to aid spiritual insight. The Garnet's main uses are in the treatment of blood disorders, however this popular stone is also said to forewarn it's wearer of impending danger by losing some of its colour. Energy, beauty and new opportunities are also said to await its wearer.

When NEPTUNE is well aspected:

Amethyst and Aquamarine are recommended. The Amethyst is a marvellous and beautiful stone, widely used for meditation and healing applications. It is said to increase intuition and to promote psychic development. It is also very helpful in relieving sleeplessness and headaches. Aquamarine prevents water-retention and is said to be a good aid to the eyesight.

When PLUTO is well aspected:

Magnetite (lodestone) and Beryl are recommended. Magnetite is an energy restorer and has applications in the treatment of liver problems. It is also said to stimulate the whole endocrine system, and is a useful stone for meditation.

Beryl is the 'original' crystal in as much as it is probably this stone that was used by the ancients for srcying. It stimulates deep seated psychic abilities and clairvoyance, and is also said to increase the will power. The elimination of things that have served their purpose is said to be encouraged by this stone.

Many of the stones mentioned in this piece are not widely known to the lay-person, and you may not be aware of what they look like. Surprisingly enough, the best advice of all, if you want to try some crystal therapy, is to find a good crystal shop and to spend some time looking at and handling the various stones (a good, professional store owner won't mind this at all, in fact they will probably encourage it). Make your final choice based on which stone you feel most drawn to - when you have made your choice, that stone strikingly often turns out to be one of those most associated with your strongest planet.

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